Craig Finn
EKGB Qualified Instructor
Former National ECKA Champion

Craig can be contacted by phone on 01905 767998, or mobile 07989 700773, or by email at

Craig started his Martial Arts training in 1988, initially in Wado-Ryu - karate

He joined ECKA in 1990 and achieved his black belt in 1994

He came 2nd in the National Full Contact Championships in 1993 and won the ECKA Continuous Nationals in 1997

He is also trained in Eskrima (Philipino stick fighting)

Craig has been teaching since 1992 and is an EKGB registered instructor

He teaches in Worcester and as well as practising basics, freeforms and sparring, classes also include kickboxing circuits to music

Worcester ECKA has produced more than ten ECKA National Champions and finalists