ECKA Results from the WAKO British Championships

Full results for the ECKA squad at the WAKO British Championships

Harley Mohammed – Boys (7-9 yrs) -32kg Light Contact
Paris Jackson – Junior Female (16-18yrs) -70kg Light Contact
Niall Barker – Mens -69kg K1
Tyrell Cummins – Mens Light -60kg Full Contact
Dion Barrett – Mens Middle -75g Full Contact
Samantha Thompson – Girls (7-9 yrs) -32kg Points Fighting

Meg Hounslow – Ladies +70kg Light Contact
Connor Haymes – Junior Male (16-18yrs) -63.5kg Full Contact
Michael Adams – Mens -94kg Points Fighting

Max Andrejevs – Boys (13-15yrs) +69kg Light Contact
Casey Hodges – Junior Female (16-18yrs) -60kg Light Contact
Karl Schumacker – Mens Light Middle -71kg Full Contact
Martin Schumacker – Mens Light Middle -71kg Full Contact
Aston Bandey – Boys (7-9 yrs) -32kg Points Fighting
Jasmine Rainbird – Girls (10-12yrs) -47kg Points Fighting
Max Andrejevs – Boys (13-15yrs) +69kg Points Fighting
Chloe Thompson – Junior Female (16-18yrs) -55kg Points Fighting
Meg Hounslow – Ladies +70kg Points Fighting

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